To buy ocelot serval caracal kittens. How much it costs kitten Ocelot Serval Caracal in Riga, Latvia, Baltic states, in the nursery of LEON BALTIA.

Welcome to the site nursery of unique domesticated animals - ocelot (Leopardus pardalis), servals (Leptailurus serval), caracals (Feliscaracal), located in the Red Book of the 1st category of the IUCN with the status of " endangered species " and the 2nd IUCN category status " species threatened with extinction ".

All animals imported to Latvia officially.

These animals have the grace of a cat , dog friendliness and dedication.

On the site and contacting us , you will learn a lot of interesting things:

Ocelot character, Caracal character, Serval character

How to take care at home of ocelots, caracals and servals

Photo and video gallery of ocelots caracals and servals

We do not breed animals in cages!

Our kittens are fully educated, friendly , live in our family with children.

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