Caracals from the LEON BALTIA nursery

Our kittens are handed over to the owners with the following documents:

  • microchip implant;
  • Veterinary Passport (vaccinations according to the age);
  • Veterinary Certificate;
  • Origin/Certificate of CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora);
  • Sale Contract;

Delivery and Acceptance Certificate

Our kittens are fully domesticated, house-trained to excrete in the litter box and switched from bottle-feeding to meat, fish and poultry. Shipping of caracal kittens from the LEON BALTIA nursery. We are often asked: how do we transport our kittens? In 99% of cases, our buyers or their couriers arrive/come by themselves. We meet them and see them off with a kitten. We prepare the necessary exit documents and pass veterinary inspections. If the kitten flies away, we register it on the flight. All our arriving visitors/customers are very satisfied, because they do not have to do anything but just come and we'll do everything else! 75% of our kittens are sold for export, so we have a great experience of shipping the kittens abroad.

Information about availability of the caracal kittens for booking from the LEON BALTIA nursery

For availability, reservation and purchase of a caracal kitten from future litters, please call (+371) 22 125 125, (+371) 27 144 144 or write to the following email address:

We soon expect a new litter of serval and ocelot kittens.